Top 8 Things you must remember while Dancing


Singing auditions are a difficult art to master and going for such auditions for the first time could be scary or frightening because you would want to impress the judges or musical directors. Preparing for a singing audition is almost the same way you prepare for any other audition except they are a few rules you should take note of;


1. Calm your nerves
You’ve been preparing for the special day when you will receive that phone call or email stating you’ve been shortlisted for the audition. You don’t have to be tensed or anxious, all you need to do is believe in yourself, walk into that hall with confidence and do your best.

2. Be Confident
You should remember that your audition starts immediately you step your foot into the room. Try not to be distracted by anything and be bold. This will create the impression that you are a professional at what you do.

3. Look smart
Looking good is good business so you should endeavor to dress very well and look really smart. Let your appearance be polished because it speaks well of you and also give a good impression about you to the judges. Wear comfortable shoes and avoid tight clothes that will reveal your body.

4. Be in good voice
You should be prepared vocally by training your voice and singing regularly prior to the day of the audition. Singing regularly enhances your vocals and also keeps your voice healthy and moving.

5. Study the audition material well
You should be very familiar with the song you are going to perform on the audition day and also rehearse with the pianist as he is another factor that determines your overall performance. If you ever make a mistake while singing, don’t stop! As an audition is like a performance and you have to keep going and avoid having facial expressions that will show that you just made a mistake. Also, avoid glaring at pianist to prevent him from losing focus and going off key.

6. Have a properly prepared music sheet
Make sure to have a good music sheet that is error free and also written in the right key. Ensure to mark all the tempo changes and music directions so your pianist could be able to understand. Try also to photocopy your own songs instead of giving the pianist the music book as it makes it difficult to flip through the pages.

7. Don’t be too friendly
You need to be polite and friendly but avoid taking it to the extreme. You should also try not to walk up to the judges and start exchanging unnecessary pleasantries by shaking their hands as you are taking it personal and it’s a waste of time unless it was a call from their end.

8. Maintain your space
When you sing, just remain at your spot and perform. You don’t need to do any choreography at all to accompany your song or even go as far as coming too close to the panel which is not too good; as they would like to be free in their own bubble space. Do not move or wander around as there is no need to be shy or tensed, so sing out and give a wonderful performance. Remember, the more auditions you attend the easier it becomes.