How to Book an Accommodation Using Online Portal

Online booking

One of the biggest concerns and probably the most time-consuming task for any traveler is to book accommodation or hotel. All of you want to save time on traveling and hopefully, some money too so searching the hotels online needs a lot of focus. As far as the online search is concerned, there are several accommodation booking sites. While many of them have great reviews, others are much easy to navigate and understand.

Many of you are already familiar with quite a few numbers of online hotel booking sites. However, are you aware of the types of accommodation that one single site provides? Here, you will get to know everything about booking hotels from the online portal and enjoy your stay at the accommodation.

Traveling style has evolved over the years, and it has influenced all types of traveling including group travels, solo travels, and couple travels as well. Along with that, the travel preferences have also changed a lot. Trip and destination are now leveraging the mix of accommodation that travelers are an option for. So, now you will see that a single hotel is offering different types of rooms to suit the choices and preferences of different visitors.

The travelers now a day’s prefer apartments over hotel rooms and in other times they also stay in condos, vacation homes and hostels as well if they are offering family rooms. What you will love about online booking sites is that it will offer a variety of accommodation all within swishing your mouse.

Verified Reviews to Search the Perfect Hotel

Another nice feature which you will find in online booking sites is that they will provide you with thousands of verified reviews. The people that have booked a hotel online and have stayed in the hotel itself get to review the services and facilities. So, it is for sure that you will get the best and authentic reviews for making a clear decision.

Ways To Book Accommodation


The urge for staying in hotels has decreased over the years but, it has not vanished yet. When it is a city stay, and couples are involved, hotel rooms are some that, visitors opt for. A short trip and a desire for a central location in the city is the basic driving force behind the demand for booking hotel rooms. At the same time, hotels rooms provide comfort and privacy as well, so your short stay will only give you good memories.

Eating options are also available in a hotel, and most of the time it is seen that hotels tend to occupy the central location in the city. This is another benefit you will get as most of the attractions and tourist attraction spots will be nearby or even walking distance. The other facilities which a hotel room offers are free breakfast, free cable television, free Wi-Fi and other basic amenities like mini fridge, coffee machine and much more.


This one accommodation has proven to be beneficial in saving money when families or small groups are looking for accommodation. Apartments are more practical than hotels as they help to save money. If you are traveling with other families or couples, getting an apartment is a great idea on saving some bucks in accommodation as you get to share the cost.

Apartments also come with several inbuilt benefits like a full kitchen, separate bedrooms and own scope to do laundry with lots of space and privacy.


A traveler that has stayed in the resort will surely like to stay there for the second time given the amenities and the extra level of amenities which comes with it. And if you are traveling with a family of kids then, the resorts are paradise for you. Go for resorts that have easy access to the local world outside and this way you will not be too lonely or within the confines of the resort. Many places from all over the world have beautiful resorts giving a dramatic and splendid view of the surroundings.


If you are a couple and do not have any child yet then, hostels are great options to save on accommodation. Moreover, it is also a just place to meet the like-minded people. Family-friendly hostels are also available so that you can get the added benefits of privacy and space. Hostels are not only dorms for backpackers but, its quality is increasing, and many are also offering family rooms.

Several benefits are also associated with hostels like most of them are in great locations ensuring that you are close to tourist sites and public transport. It is a lot affordable, and the room services do not charge much, and some also include facilities like wi-fi, luggage storage, laundry, and equipped kitchen.

Vacation Rentals

Being a family, you will love the benefits of staying in a vacation rental or more common words holiday home. If you are not clear with the concept of vacation rentals then, it is the type of property that you rent on a long or short-term basis from the property owner that is listed in an online booking portal.

Vacation rentals can be properties such as home, lodge, condo, and a cabin. Here you will get all the comforts of home except for the fact that you are on vacation. It is like staying at a home away from home. The extra space will help you unwind with equipped kitchen, bathrooms, and even a deck or private backyard as well.

Home Stays

For a more authentic cultural experience, you can stay at Homestays and will get an opportunity to live the way the locals do. You can either book a room or the entire property from the owner or enjoy a full-blown cultural immersion of the place.

These are some of the unique options that you can consider apart from staying in hotels while traveling the world.