A Glimpse of Japan in London

Sushi Platter

You probably have not thought about it but, London can be as ritualistic and complex as Japan. And you might also find some places and locations in the city which will take you to Japan and on a journey through its local and authentic cuisine. So, are you scared? However, you can give it a try. London is the city where the world emerges to become one, and in that case, Japan is also a part of this city. Take your time off and enjoy the authentic Japan experience with some culture, food, spirituality, and ways of life in Japan.

Getting Over the Fear for Sushi

You will see many people in their entire life have not yet tried sushi. The reason, they are terrified of the sushi food concept. So, whenever they see a sushi bar, they ran past it without even taking a glance at it. At the same time, you need to keep in mind that sushi, is not just food in Japan and there is a whole other dimension of ordering and eating associated with it. This entire experience makes some of the people avoid this food their entire life.

In London, a reputed sushi bar like Yo! Sushi in Kensington can be something more of a scary experience. First the entire food and then, the bill that is going to come after that might also resemble a small mortgage bill. The fear for sushi has made many people not know the food entirely, and so they also end up not knowing anything about it as its price.

Trying It for The First Time

Whether in London or not, most people take comfort in eating fish and chips ordered through room service or might eat it in hotel lounges. However, YO! Sushi in High Street Kensington has something else to offer to its visitors. The General Manager of the place will take great patience in letting you understand the concept of sushi and will also assure you that there are many out there facing the same fate with sushi as you are.

So, people trying this cuisine for the first time get some extra help as there is a lot to learn. Like you need to learn to take the plates for conveyor belts and learn about each color-code for the price. Then, there are facts like, calling for the waiter to order for hot food and what all the foods are about. Once, you understand what YO! Sushi is really for; there is nothing to worry about.

Japanese Food and Family Friendly Introduction To It

You can choose other Japanese restaurants in the city as London has many of them. However, for the family who is trying it for the first time, YO! Sushi is a great first step. This place is more of a westernized version of traditional Japanese food. You will find the menu quite informal and a real successful place in the UK. YO! Sushi is the new face of Japan opened in Kensington High Street packed tight with families and children. This place is all about having fun and getting to know sushi.

Rice Is Fun

YO! Sushi is fun as you will learn here how to make stuff for sushi. Soon you will get to know more about traditional terms like sticky rice as mentioned on the tin. The head chef will give you a snowball sized ball of rice to wrap it against the sheet of nori or seaweed. It is as sticky as gaffer tape so sticking the rice up against it will be an easy thing to do. And it was. The chef will help you to roll the mould of rice into a long thin square which after slicing up you will discover that you have just made an avocado maki for yourself.

Also, learn where the various cuts of salmon and the ways to make salmon nigiri. The hand rolls you will make here will look like savory ice creams in your sticky fingers. Soon you will act like a professional and pop the avocado maki on the conveyor belt and grab it before someone else eats it.

Starting with the Far East

The Far East as in not Far East side of the world but, far eastern side of London, a place near Shoreditch has recently adopted the concept at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium named as Japanese Cat Café. At the same time, you can head towards Olympic Park as Tokyo is due to host Olympic 2020 so it will be a good place to start. Drop in at Wagamama to start your Japanese culinary journey where you learn to get the grip of your chopsticks and have a bowl of yakisoba.

Food and Spirit

Food is an essential part of Japan in London experience but, that was not the entire deal. Japan is also about culture, ritual, and spirituality and you will find all these in tow of the most famous parks in London. To seek enlightenment, go to Kyoto Garden housed in Holland Park. It is a place about all Japanese and designed by eminent Japanese designer as well and paid by Japan’s Chamber of Commerce. This traditional Japanese garden has everything Japanese, and you will find inner peace and tranquility by spending a few moments in this unique green zone of the city.

London And Its Japanese Garden

The Fukushima Garden is the organic garden of the city and very much like the traditional Japanese garden is supposed to be. You will be naturally led around the stony path to a water feature known to purify your body and soul. Then, move towards Zen meditation stone representing Buddha.

These are some of the important stops of the city where you will come to know about traditional Japan encompassing all its aspects from food, culture, a ritual to spiritual.