5 Essential Souvenirs to Take Home from Cambridge


What’s a visit to anywhere without some souvenirs to remind you of a holiday well spent?

When you’re sitting at home and, with the weather now turning towards autumn, thinking about that fabulous trip to Cambridge and your stay at the Hotel in Cambridge, a mug or jumper will remind you of your holiday and keep you nice and toasty at the same time.

So, if you’re thinking about gathering together some mementos of your stay in Cambridge, read on for our list of five essential souvenirs you need to procure.

College Crest Mugs

There are few things more famous about Cambridge than its collection of stunning, ancient colleges and everyone finds they have a favourite.

For a gift that keeps giving – in the form of delicious hot drinks and as a reminder of your trip – a boxed set of two college crest mugs are ideal. Beautifully printed and carrying the names of every college, you can’t get a better souvenir to get you through the winter months. And then you can get back to thinking about more Cambridge hotel deals for your next trip.

A College Scarf

Whether you’re visiting a current student at one of Cambridge’s many colleges, or just like the colour scheme, a scarf is an ideal souvenir as we ramp up to the winter months.

Available for every college – or just the University of Cambridge if you don’t want to play favourites – a fleece, crested scarf is a great souvenir that also serves a practical purpose. You could even lay your hands on a silk iteration if you’re feeling extra fancy.

A Classic College Cricket Sweater

There’s a reason that cricket sweaters are so popular amongst the non-cricketers of Cambridge, and it’s not just their classic, English looks. Cricket sweaters are also enormously comfortable and band-on shabby-chic trend.

Coming in an array of college colours, college cricket sweaters make a perfect souvenir because every time you put it on you’ll remember where you got it and why. Great for men and women, college cricket sweaters also make for a great gift-souvenir, so make sure you surprise someone in your party with their own, luxurious college cricket sweater. It’s the perfect wear for indulging in the best afternoon tea Cambridge has to offer.

Fitzwilliam Museum Jigsaw

The problem with many souvenirs is that they’re inert. Once you stick that magnet on the fridge, for example, that’s that.

The Fitzwilliam Museum, on the other hand, offers a range of great souvenirs that you can enjoy long after your holiday is over. Providing both a reminder of your stay and giving your family something to do together, a jigsaw is a perfect souvenir to make the most of those rainy days of British winter.

A Museum Book

If you’re visiting the Fitzwilliam Museum, it’s probably safe to say that you love history. And if you love history, then you’re most likely an avid reader. And nothing offers more insight and added value to your visit to the Fitzwilliam than a museum-published book.

Adding additional details to exhibitions, a museum book is an ideal way to remember your visit and learn more about everything you just took in.